• Heaven & Hell – The Devil You Know (2009)

  • Heaven & Hell - The Devil You Know

    From Wikipedia:
    'The Devil You Know is the only studio album from heavy metal band Heaven & Hell; the members had previously recorded as a group in an earlier line-up of Black Sabbath. The Devil You Know was Ronnie James Dio's final studio appearance prior to his death in May 2010.

    The album's US import was released in Japan on 24 April 2009, four days earlier than its original due date of 28 April. The Japan domestic pressing which is a SHM-CD (Super High Material CD) was released on 27 April. It was produced by the band and sound engineer Mike Exeter.

    The Devil You Know reached the top 10 in its first week of release, debuted at No. 8 on the Billboard 200 chart, with 30,000 copies sold.'

    A Memorable Highlight from Mike:

    'This really was a continuation of where we left off with The Dio Years. It was my first time working in LA for the writing process. That also led to me going to my first hollywood premiere which was an interesting experience to say the least. The album itself was recorded at Rockfield, which was a residential studio meaning that the personnel would stay at the facility during the process. Rush had recorded there and so had Queen. It just had such a feeling of empowerment from the get-go. It was also the same place where Sabbath recorded Dehumanizer with Ronnie so it was a bit of returning to the scene of the crime for the guys. We had some great laughs, playing pranks on each other. For example, Tony had snuck talcom powder into Vinnies hair dryer which he would use between takes if he perspired. After a particularly sweaty take, Vinnie picked up the dryer and poof, he looked like a ghost! Something I will always cherish from this album was getting to know Ronnie really well and feeling like he was a good mate by the end of the album. He truly was and still is a rock legend.'

  • Tracklist

    01. Atom and Evil
    02. Fear
    03. Bible Black
    04. Double the Pain
    05. Rock and Roll Angel
    06. The Turn of the Screw
    07. Eating the Cannibals
    08. Follow the Tears
    09. Neverwhere
    10. Breaking into Heaven

    Released: 28th April, 2009
    Credit: Production, Engineering, Keyboards

  • The Devil You Know - Media

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