• Tony Iommi – The 1996 Dep Sessions (2004)

  • Tony Iommi - The 1996 Dep Sessions

    From Wikipedia:
    'The 1996 DEP Sessions is a Tony Iommi album released in 2004. Material for The 1996 DEP Sessions was originally recorded in 1996, and was circulated among fans as a bootleg recording dubbed Eighth Star, where two of the tracks were missing, but instead a track called "Shaking My Wings" was included, which did not feature Tony Iommi. The album title "The 1996 DEP Sessions" appears for the fact, that the tracks were recorded in the DEP International Studios in Digbeth, Birmingham.'

    A Memorable Highlight from Mike:

    'First time working with Tony and Glenn. They came in to do some mixes and we ended up recording a bunch of demos that eventually got bootlegged. Years later I was able to recut the drums and mix it and kill the bootleg. It was a pretty nice feeling actually!'

  • Tracklist

    01. Gone
    02. From Another World
    03. Don't You Tell Me
    04. Don't Drag The River
    05. Fine
    06. Time Is The Healer
    07. I'm Not The Same Man
    08. It Falls Through Me

    Released: 28th September, 2004
    Credits: Engineering, Mixing

  • The Dep Sessions - Media

    Some select tracks from 'The DEP Sessions' can be heard in the following clips