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  • Spend A Little On Advice - Save Yourself A Lot Of Headaches

    Rapid changes in technology over the years have sadly resulted in the closure of many fantastic commercial facilities. From established artists to unsigned bands, people are taking things into their own hands and creating their own creative spaces. What many fail to do when acquiring all the equipment they think they need is overlook the space they are putting it in.

    Many years of working in commercial, project and artist’s personal studios has given Mike a perspective on what is important to getting the best out of a space and utilising it's best qualities. Almost every record Mike works on now involves a  ‘project studio' at some point in the process and the results can be stunning with a little thought about acoustic and ergonomic design and functionality.

    From full installation advice to room treatment, Mike has the experience to help you transform your space into the best possible area for being creative without obstructions. With years of experience in installs, Mike has tips that can save you a lot of money and time with things such as custom acoustics and wiring solutions which can be more cost effective and definitely more attractive than off the shelf acoustic ‘Kits’. No matter where you are in the process of designing or creative your creative space, feel free to get in touch with Mike to see if he can help.

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    Mike Exeter - Studio Design