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  • The Most Important Work Starts Before The Studio


    Mike Exeter has been involved with some of the best and biggest artists in rock music. With an amazing career that includes clients such as Black Sabbath and Judas Priest - you know your project will be in good hands!

    Mike has a firm belief that the lion's share of effort and work should be done out of the studio. A solid foundation of pre-production will elevate your project to make it the best version possible. Mike takes an approach of working with demos, exploring ideas and if possible working with the band in a room to flesh out the arrangements. This means that the budget can be well spent on studio time and not over inflated un-necessarily.

    Some advice from Mike himself when looking to use a producer:

    'A major reason for working with a producer is so the artist can focus on the creative side of things while the producer pulls all elements of the project together both from a technical and musical aspect. It is always better to choose someone who has worked with artists you like and artists who you feel are relevant to your sound. You should always find out if they see things the same way as you musically before committing to anything, and it really doesn't matter whether it's computer driven or organic... The most important thing is making sure you are on the same page as the producer you're hoping to work with. My approach is this: I should be de-complicating the process to the point where the band or artist doesn't feel like they are working but instead feels like they are in a safe and exciting place to be creative.'

    With years of experience engineering, mixing, editing and producing - Mike is capable of finding the best sound and direction for your next effort. The best way of finding common ground is starting a discussion and exploring where your new album or project could go with Mike involved.

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    Mike Exeter