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    Mike’s passion for music began at a young age, learning to play various instruments with a focus on piano. His father gave him a copy of ‘Journey to the Center of the Earth’ by Rick Wakeman, which immediately immersed him within the progressive rock world and built a solid foundation for his musical inclinations. After Wakeman’s effort, Mike discovered Pink Floyd and was always inquisitive about the production and layering techniques used to achieve such an emotional response from the listener.

    After a short audio course in England, Mike moved abroad to study at Full Sail in Florida. This focused him and taught him the basic skills required for dealing with musicians and studios. Straight after earning his degree he landed a job working in studios on quick turn around projects with amazing musicians, and in this way he learnt why it’s so important for the majority of the work to happen prior to a band, artist or producer even stepping foot in the studio.

    Mike’s career has involved some of the biggest names in rock and metal. Producing material by Black Sabbath, Ronnie James Dio, Judas Priest, Cradle of Filth and more. Mike’s hard work was rewarded in the form of a Grammy award for his engineering work on the Black Sabbath album ‘13’. The opportunities he has had have not made him rest on his laurels and, although he admits they are definitive of his career and have been major landmarks, he is always excited about working with the next upcoming artist or band. Working with the greats of rock, Mike knows how to take an artist’s vision and turn it into a reality.



    (Left Photo: Mike with Heaven & Hell during 'The Devil You Know production. Right photo: Mike, his son Andrew and Ozzy at a gig during the '13' tour.)


    The importance of new music is something that Mike is insistent upon. He takes pride in showing new bands a workflow he has developed from his own experiences to achieve a ‘record’ production sound. Although he admits it isn’t necessarily ‘difficult’ to make a half decent record in your bedroom, there is a certain way of doing it to a standard that will catch the listeners ear and harness an emotive response. In his own words – ‘There are many people recording high quality demos these days. I still believe there is a difference between that kind of sound and getting a real ‘album’ sound that has a mood and a feel and a life of it’s own.’

    Mike looks forward to his future with his career. He’s always interested in the next new project and helping people to realise their dreams and to capture the best moments of their creativity.

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